Recap of 2008

It’s time to re-cap the events that happened in 2008. I just could not digest the fact that 365 days have gone by in a flash, but that's the speed at which our lives run these days. Here are the highlights of my life in its true sense of authenticity...

1. The biggest joy of this year is the wedding of one of my close friend. She has been an integral part of my life and I always wished her to get settled in life and lead a happy married life, that great occasion happened in the month of Feb and I was flying on top of this world that day.

2. After being with Oracle for more than a decade, I decided to quit Oracle and I joined another product company as an Architect and with a salary which I have never dreamt even in the wildest of my dreams. It’s just few lakhs less than my age ;-) It’s a whopping figure. This happened in the month of May

3. I wanted to prove myself and establish myself in this new company and by GOD's grace I did that with ease and also got 3 awards in a short span.

4. One of my close friend was blessed with a baby boy. He is my sweet heart as of now, anyone would fall prey for his mesmerizing smile.

5. Got some good blogger friends, and to name some - Amrita, Shylu, Elango, Ramesh, Kiran, Chennai Girl etc etc. Thanks for all your encouragement and comments guys!!!

Ah, I could not recollect anything major other than these; I always feel that I am a GOD blessed child. GOD has always given me more than what I deserve, so I should admit the fact that he has kept me happy and he is keeping me happy. I wish and pray that he takes care of me the way he always does and help this useless boat to reach the shore. How can I finish off this note without thanking my FRIENDS who are my greatest asset and strength of life. I am proud to have such an affectionate friends circle and without their support and encouragement, I wouldn’t have come this far in my life.


  1. May you ever be a god blessed child....
    Happy new year Satish!!!

  2. ahh!! such a nice post.. felt very happy to see all good things cmin ur end... and such an optimistic post that u chose to see the +ves only...

    may the same winning streak continue this year also

  3. @Amrita - Oh yeah, After all its my life and who else can make it happy other than me ? :-) I strongly believe that "Life is too short to be spent worrying". Thanks for your wishes!!!

  4. There r only few peoples who would be happy when others are happy. Hope u remain the same....


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