Ten things I want to Change in INDIA

I want the following things to be changed in my COUNTRY, for the betterment of INDIA ...
1. Change this complete political system and bring in tough norms to participate in elections.
2. Formulate a transparent system for all government related activities and hence get rid of bribery
3. Remove the caste based system for all educational streams, no more quota, only merit that matters
4. Bring in a practical / research based learning style in schools, rather sticking on to the old fashioned textbook method
5. Enforce the maximum punishment for sexual abuses on women, no courts, no trials, just a simple DNA test, if proved positive, hang him the next day
6. Make all police stations VIRTUAL, make all the complaints to be online and force the authorities to take action within 24 hours
7. Never entertain beggers who are not physically challenged. Put them on to a career pathing wherein they can sustain a business on their own
8. Sex education should be brought in all the schools and create awareness about that metabolical changes of human body. This will take care of reducing the crime rates against women
9. Manufacturing of any tobacco / alcohol brand should be banned completely. Even if its going to incur a heavy loss to the government. OR Increase the rates of Alcohol and other tobacco products during budget and lets not touch essential commodities like Milk and Bread prices sky rocketing
10. Infrastructure across the country has to be improved by laying good quality roads and the responsible company which took the contract should pay a huge penalty if the roads go bad within a stipulated amount of time.


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