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Register Office ...

Kavya was waiting for Varun at the park for almost 2 hours now, more than the pain of waiting all alone, she just could not stand those on-looker's stare at her, it some what made her uncomfortable. She called him up many times on his cell phone, but it was never picked up, she thought that he might be driving. She was about to send a SMS to him saying that she has waited enough and hence she is planning to go, the message was composed fully and was about to send, just then ....

Varun came rushing towards her with his mouth full of apologies, as she just could not get upset on Varun she posed a fake anger and pretended as if she is upset on him, Varun very well knew that its just a prank and hence he did not take it seriously. Varun just switched to the serious tone and asked Kavya whether she is all set for the marriage ? Kavya told him that she is very nervous over the whole issue and she just could not imagine the fact that the marriage is going to take place in a "Registar Office". Varun comforted her saying that, this is something which they both have mutually agreed and there should not be any setback in this.

Kavya still appeared to be nervous and asked "What if the dad and mom come to know about this ?", Varun said, at some point in time this has to come out, so its good that the issue is gonna come under the light very soon. Varun asked her to be cool and less nervous, and also gave her a list of things that she needs to get from her home. Kavya then raised the big question, btw - How much money I need to carry ?, Varun realized that he has forgotton that main point, He then with a little bit of hestitation told her to bring the maximum possible from her side. They then discussed about the route plans through which they are going to come to the Registar office, and they too know the fact that they should not give any feelers to their parents about this.

Kavya and Varun spent the rest of the time on the beach and were just silent. The D-Day came and both were all set to start to the "Registar Office", Kavya was extremely nervous and she has not done anything like this in her past and she felt bad that she is doing this against the wish of her dad and mom. Kavya knows that its not time to get emotional or centimental and hence she decided to leave home. Kavya and Varun followed their plan and reached "Registar Office" on time, Varun was waiting for her and there was a sense of urgency and anxity in his speach, He asked her "Have you brought the Mangal Sutra", Kavya rightly took that gold "Mangal Sutra" from her bag and gave it to Varun, Kavya was not sure why Varun is so tensed.

Varun told her in a husky voice that some how the matter got leaked and there is a mob which is planning to storm the "Registar Office" any moment, Kavya was shocked to hear that and both of them rushed to the registrar and they were joined by all their college mates who have gathered to witness the marriage of "Vineeth and Sandhya", Kavya and Varun were the two key witnesses to this marraige, inspite of knowing the rough political background of Sandhya's dad they both agreed to sign the witness singnature for them, though they were asked NOT to do so by their parents as it might lead to some threat to their lives.

Both Kavya and Varun sighed a sign of relief after Vineeth tied the knot on Sandhya.


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Is that a Compliment ?

I interviewed this fellow few months back and he joined my office last week. He sits a few cubicles away from mine, but he can clearly see me and what I am doing. Today it happened that we both were the only two folks in the office at 8 in the morning. I don't know that he is also from Chennai and speaks tamil, all of a sudden my mobile phone ringed my fav song "Karikaalan Kaala Pola ..." and I picked it up and spoke for while in my mother tongue and cut the line. Satish being Satish, did not initiate the first conversation as I generally don't talk much to strangers unless they come and talk to me, may be its in my gene and I am not able to change that character of mine. He came to my desk and asked "You were the one you interviewed me rite ?" and I said "yes ..." On seeing me, he was not able to judge either my role or my experience or my age, probably he got confused. I don’t have anything to talk to him, so I did not initiate any further conv