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Little Innocence ...

This little boy was going to shcool for the first time, his dad has to pinch his skin of savings to get him an admission into that famous school in the city. He was dressed up in his new uniform, new school bag, new books, new lunch box, new water bottle and also with a new dream of his dad, the rickshaw wala came ringing at his door step to take him to school, this little one was not so enthusiastic to to go to school, but he knows his dad and mom will not allow him to stay at home, so he dressed himself with a new tear ball in his eyes, new fear about teachers, new shy in meeting friends, and a new anger on his dad.

The rickshaw wala dropped him at his school and he was immedieately taken care by his new teacher. He was first stunned to see so many kids of his age and he was made to sit next to a girl called "Manvi" and that was his first love ;-), he liked her so much and instantly he thanked his dad for putting him in that school. Initial introduction began where every kid was asked to come in front and introduce themselves, but most of the kids introduced themselves with a loud cry and the teacher has to pacify them and give them chocolates to bring back the smile. Its the turn of our little hero who jubilantly went to the dias and had a long stare at the teacher for a long time, and with a husky voice he told his name, the teacher encouraged him to say it loud, but he didn't, since he is the only child who did not cry and atleast told his name, the teacher asked the rest of the class to give a round of applause for our little hero. He was on top of this world that time and also that's the first time he took a dias.

He made sure that he sits next to Manvi but there came a little villan who occupied his seat when he was at the dias, our hero did not know how to react, but he seriously felt that he should not have taken his seat, so he walked straight to that kid and pushed him instantly.. You know what ? that's when Manvi gave our little hero a huge simle and also a tight kiss, this is what i call "Love at first Fight", he happily took his seat next to Manvi and there came this lunch break, they both exchanged the yummy food stuffs which they took from home, exchanged in the sense, our hero gave all the stuffs to Manvi and was happy to be a spectator, but later at around 11:00 'O' clock he cried out of hunger which made the teacher to panic, that's a different story.

Our little hero asked Manvi - "Hey, how did you come ?", Manvi replied - "I dont know, but dad used to tell me that i was inside my mom's tummy for a while and later GOD took me out", Oh is it our little hero replied, "But tell me this, who put you inside your mom's tummy ?" asked our little hero, Manvi replied, "It must be my dad, coz he hold me that he was there when i came out of my mom's tummy", "Oh is it, thanks for letting me know this" replied our little hero.

It was time to wind up for the day and his dad waited outside to pick him up after his tiring first day at school, and also many such parents were waiting outside to receive their loved ones, our little hero came running towards his dad screaming, "Hey dad, you know what ? I atlast found the secret of how my little sister came to our home", his dad was initially puzzled to hear that, but asked him "how ?", "Oh yaa, its because of Manvi's dad, he only should have put our little sister into my mom's tummy, and you are still belileving that she is a GOD's gift" replied our little hero. His dad could hear loud giggles around him and was in a hurry to vacate that place.


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கல்யாணமோ கல்யாணம் ...

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My Songs Collection ...

After a long struggle, i somehow managed to collect 800+ songs of SPB, which to me are the GOLDEN SONGS sung by that GOLDEN VOICE. Here is my complete songs collection. My target is to get 1000 songs of SPB (Tamil Songs). S.NO Name Artist Album 1 Unna Vellaavi Vechu Thaan GV Prakash Aadukalam 2 Ayyayo Nenju Alayudhadi SPB - S P Charan Aadukalam 3 Ottha Sollaala Velmurugan Aadukalam 4 Yetthi Vecha Nerupinile SPB - Chitra Aalapirandhavan 5 Ponnai Virumbum Boomiyile TMS Aalaya Mani 6 Oru Kili Urugudhu Janaki Aanandha Kummi 7 Oomai Nenjin Osaigal SPB - S Janaki Aanandha Kummi 8 Oru Raagam Paadalodu KJY - Chitra Aanandha Raagam 9 Mere Sappunoun Ki Rafiq Aaraadhana 10 Oru Kunguma Chengamalam SPB - S Janaki Aaraadhanai 11 En Kannukoru Nilavaa SPB - JANAKI Aaraaro Aariraro 12 Kanmaniyae Kaadhal Enbadhu SPB - S JANAKI Aaril Irrundhu Arubathu Varai 13 Meenammaa Adhi Kaalaiyilum Unni Krishnan - Shobana Aasai 14

Madras Tamil in IT Industry

Ah, thot of writing a new series called PITHUKULI, and i hope you all will enjoy this series. Here is my first try and please let me know your sincere comments. We all know that IT industry is a place for all educated people and english is considered to be the global language in this industry. Me hailing from the heart of chennai, i would love to see "Chennai Thamizh" being spoken at all s.w companies, so here is a small conversation between a Programmer and his Project Manager, in pure "Chennai Sen Thamizh". The situation is this ... Its appraisal time and Project manager is doing appraisal for his team member. ahhhh ... vaa kannu ... suresuu ... eppdi keera ? sokaa keerayaa ?? inaathuku unna itukunu vandhurukaango nu unikku message teriyumla ?? aahaann ... inaamo ... aapuraisalaa ... keepuraisalo ... ennamo oru ezhavu ... atha pathi kostin panna thaanae ittnadhukara ... kareeektaa putcha baa maatera nee ... seri ... nee immaa naalu inga kundhikinu inaatha kilicha