On-Shore Vs Off-Shore

I am sure all of us would have worked in this kind of a model atleast for sometime in anybody's career, and the general notion / understanding is On-Shore is always better than Off-Shore and in some cases its quite true too (as like mine). So lets imagine this kinda model between Husband and Wife, and obviously you know who will take the roles of On-Shore and Off-Shore, but I leave it to the readers for assuming the way they wanted to. Here we go ....

Off-Shore - Gotta be awake till On-Shore sleeps
On-Shore - Will send an email instructing that Off-Shore can sleep

Off-Shore - Should invariably support On-Shore even if they sound stupid
On-Shore - Never like Off-Shore pointing fingers on them

Off-Shore - Will complete some tasks even without On-Shore telling them and will wait for appreciation
On-Shore - Will blast Off-Shore for messing up things and will warn them not to do it again

Off-Shore - Should do a chauffer service to every place if somebody from On-Shore comes home
On-Shore - Will not even care if somebody from Off-Shore lands into their territory

Off-Shore - Would throng to quit and go on its own
On-Shore - Never allows Off-Shore to be alone

Off-Shore - Will not care if there is any serious issue at their end, they will take it cool
On-Shore - Would make sure that they blow it to propotions and still feel as if they were the worst affected.

Off-Shore - Always have a budget constraint and hence will do cost-cutting in all possible ways
On-Shore - Does not care about budget and will be spend thrifts

Off-Shore - Does not have any say in recruitment of resources
On-Shore - Recruits any tom dick n harry they wanted to and will vouch for their credibility even if they are bad.

Off-Shore - Should be well equiped with all necessary amenities and infrastructure
On-Shore - Will just come and enjoy that infrastructure

Last but not the least

Off-Shore - Does not complain at all even if they are at the receiving end
On-Shore - Never stops complaining even if they are comfortable


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