Recap of 2011

Personal & Professional

2011 completed in a flash, every year end reminds us the fact that time and tide waits for none. This year was not so great personally, professionally it was a great year. One of the biggest loss of my life happened this year when I lost my loving grandma, If I am what I am today, all the credit should go to her, as she always encouraged me to do what I like. Those early bumps of getting married and allowing your family to get mentally set / adjust with the new comer and the vice-versa of that was pretty nervous, I had to be the mediator for most of the times, I hope things get settled and smoothen a bit on that front in the coming years. I am sure that's there everywhere.

One of my biggest dreams of me wanting to get out of that irritating and a crap of a city Bangalore, became a reality in 2011. I got a job in Chennai and was more than happy to relocate back to my base. Today I wonder how on earth I survived for such a long time in that sickening place, and I pray that I should never go back to that city again in my life for professional work. This new job is fascinating, I am working on a varied tech stack and that would give a definite edge for my profile in the market. Financially too this job hop has taken me to the next level. I feel blessed to come back to Chennai with such a hike, when everyone told me that I should be ready to take a pay-cut when I relocate from Bangalore.

Feels a lot more positive after quitting Bangalore. Initial stages of 2011 was pretty rocky both personally and professionally, and I was hoping that those dark clouds move fast, things do got clear after March of 2011 and by June 2011 that disaster of losing my grandma happened. In the same month I got the job offer as well, and one thing that makes me feel good is, my grandma knows that I am going to come back to Chennai before she died, but unfortunately she is not with me here. Made some good friends in this work place and I should thank my friend Barath for referring me CV and then helping me to get back to Chennai, will never forget that help from my little brother. Thanks mate!

All the resolutions which I took during the start of 2011, is getting carry forwarded to 2012. Wanted to join Cricket coaching and get back to playing ways, wanted to learn key board, wanted to write a lot on my blog, wanted to do a lot of short trips, so I hope 2012 would give me all that is needed to fulfil these tasks. As of today I am pretty happy and contended with what GOD has given me, as always I feel so blessed to be what I am today. Whenever I felt that I am sinking, there comes this invisible hand and lifts me up, up's my spirit and makes me fight back with more strength. Now that my grandma too has joined the band wagon of my mom, both of them, from up above would wish me good luck and be my guiding spirits all through my life.

Best of Sports

Without any guesses the best moment of 2011 is the moment Dhoni hit that 6 over long-on to clinch that coveted World Cup trophy. I went absolutely berserk, the euphoria lasted for several hours and the celebrations that followed was simply fabulous. The sad part of 2011 is that horrendous England series where we looked like puppets.

Best of Cinema

I am not a movie buff, but watched a handful of movies, and out of that, my best pick was "Aadukalam" by Dhanush, somewhat like that movie though the story line was not all that great. One song which refused to leave my head for months was this "Aiyyayo Nenju Alayudhadi" from Aadukalam, sung by SPB and his son Charan.

Best of Politics

I know this heading in itself is an oxymoron, there cannot be anything BEST when we say POLITICS, so the one thing that pissed me off is this f****ing attempt by Anna Hazare who aims to fight corruption. This whole Lokpal movement is bull shit. Fuck man, do you think that this country does not have any rules to fight corruption? Right during the British days we had all the rules, the only thing is we are not practicing anything. May Anna Hazare get some better job in 2012.

Looking forward for a better and a peaceful 2012. Does not believe the rumor that the world is going to end by Dec 2012, for those who believe that and panic, all I would want to say is "Please grow up". Things that I am eagerly expecting to happen in 2012 is the completion of my new bungalow type apartment in Chennai, I have already started to live there virtually, and just cannot wait for that to complete. That is going to be my dream house and I hope that brings peace and harmony into my life. My wife is already excited about it and has made elaborate plans of what all we should buy to decorate that house.

Thanks for all my readers who have been so patient even though this blog went dormant for quite sometime. I hope I continue to keep this place alive and make you guys smile. This completes my 400th post for this blog since 2004. HAPPY NEW YEAR WORLD ... KEEP SMILING AND MAKE OTHERS SMILE ...

Overall, 2011 was topsy turvy, and resting all my hopes on 2012, to be a good one for all of us.


  1. happy new year mama... the worst part of 2011 is, we couldn't meet even though we are in same city :(

  2. :) Happy New YEar!! And keep writin more and preferably in English.


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