A date with a Demon ...

No one could have dreamt of getting such a bigger house in the suburb for such a "throw-away" price, both Simon (58) and Nancy (55) were thrilled to be proud owners of such a paradise. Their 2 daughters Tracy (25) and Shilcy (20) and their son Jason (18) along with Tracy's husband Mark (28) and their 3 month old son Daniel moved into that huge house. Every one had their own private room in that house, and it was just a dream come true for them. Simon's hard earned money had been put into this purchase.

That being an old palace which has closed for many years, Simon's family had a real tough time to renovate the house, they were happy to do it, as that is their dream home. It had a total of 14 rooms and in two decks, there was an attic in the first floor which was locked by using few logs and they were nailed to the doors. Mark was the one to notice that first and he found that to be weird to see a room which has a door and yet it was nailed. He carefully pulled the nails out and removed the logs and attempted to open the attic, the room where evil and dark lived (and lives).

It took one full month for the Simon's family to settle and everyone started their daily routine. The house being deep inside a suburb, travel time for the working men and women in that house increased, but if they want to have peace and serenity and that too a own house, they have to take the pain of driving long distances. Simon and Nancy work for a private farmhouse and they would leave the house as early as 7 AM, Mark works for a software company and he works on shift's, so his timings of work vary. Tracy is at home to take care of the baby, Shilcy and Jason would leave for their college and would be picked up and dropped by Simon.

One fine morning when everyone went for work, it was just Tracy and her son Daniel at home, Tracy dressed up the baby and fed him with his morning dose of milk, once Daniel went to sleep, Tracy decided to take bath and carry on with her painting, Tracy is a canvas artist. She went to her room which is in first floor to pick up her robe, and when climbed the stairs, she saw that shadow which ran past the living room wall and disappeared in a flash. Though visibly shaken, Tracy does want trust her mind and not her eyes, she ignored that incident and soon forgot as well.

One night the entire family was having dinner in that huge dining table and that's when they heard noises inside the attic, Mark decided to go up and check what's going on, so he quickly went up and turned on the corridor light, but the light was not working, he inserted his hands in to his tight jean pocket to pull out his cigar lighter and that's when a dark shadow went up to the attic right in front of his eyes, Mark was taken aback and was very sure that someone has broke into the house, he shouted "Hello, who is that? and immediately the light came on, he kept his first step into the attic and that's when all the lights in the house started to flicker and for a moment it was pitch dark.

There were no incidents for the next 2 weeks until the night before Christmas. Simon's family was celebrating their first Christmas eve at their new home, Tracy had prepared some special dishes for that night and everything was perfect until they heard the sound of shower being opened with full force inside Tracy's restroom, Simon had this suspicious look on Tracy and said "You always forget to shut your shower, don't you", and there came a prompt reply from Tracy that she took bath at 6PM and she never went up to use the shower.

Simon directed Jason to go up to their room and switch the shower off, without wanting to waste more time on investigating who kept that open. Jason ran towards Tracy's room and he could clearly hear the shower being opened with full force, the moment he stepped inside the room, the shower stopped and the folks down thought that Jason had switched off the shower. A kind of chill ran through Jason's spine and he just could not believe what had happened, he still went inside the restroom and noticed spills of shampoo and a lot of dark hair clogging the drain pit. Jason screamed on top of his throat "Dadddyyyyyyyyyyyyyy"

Within minutes entire Simon's family assembled at Tracy's bedroom and they all were having puzzled look on their faces, none of them have black hair in their family and this bunch of black hair clogging the drainage left all of them confused. Mark said, their should be some logical explanation for all these, and added a point that he noticed a dark shadow walking into the attic that day when he went to check on the noises, and soon that followed by Tracy when she said that she too noticed a dark shadow going past the living room and disappeared inside that wall.

Simon is not ready to believe those stories but does not want to ignore, Nancy being a religious person said these are mind related problems and cannot be true. The whole family went to bed that night with a confused mind and a terrorized thought. After a curtailed party, the family managed to catch up some sleep, but young Jason could not
sleep, but at the same time he does not want to be awake, when he was about to doze off, his entire bed shook so badly that he was thrown out of his bed, his pillows were thrown on it's own, something covered him with his blanket and tried to suffocate him to death, Jason escaped a near death. He rushed downstairs to narrate his horror.

Jason ran down the stairs just to witness horror of his life time, there were blood woozing all over the walls, and he could only hear scream in all the rooms. Tracy and Mark were screaming in their room as a head less corpse just appeared from no where, and Simon and Nancy were screaming "On the name of Jesus ... leave this place, On the name of the holy spirit ... leave us alone, On the name of the sacred angel ... go back to hell", they witnessed some dark cloud circling their room and smelt like blood. Shilcy was dragged by an unknown energy by her hair and was banged on to the walls repeatedly.

The family's happiness and peace just got destroyed within no time, that is one night which the Simon's family wanted to get over and want to see the sun rise. The battered family called up their family priest to bless their house, as they all were now convinced that their house is haunted. The priest accepted their request and came rushing to their house, he just walked over the complete house and sprinkled holy water, and burned some of the holy grass. He told Nancy that this will take care of those unwanted guests to go to the place where they came from. He was about to get into the attic, and that's when the priest was thrown few feet away, his holy water was broken and the attic door shut on its own

One more night dawned and Simon's family decided to be in one single room. They all cuddled up in one room and Nancy was reading the phrases of bible, there were prayers in every lips. Suddenly power went out and fear gripped that room. Simon peeped out of his window and noticed that every other house in his suburb had power, but he being a electrical engineer, said to himself that something would have tripped and he wanted to go down to the electrical room and check that out, but he did not get any support from his family members and no one allowed him to go down.

They all were staying together and everyone were holding everyone's hand, little daniel was fast asleep and he was wrapped inside a thick towel and suddenly they heard foot steps over their head, they tightened their grip with each other, Tracy hold little Daniel close to her chest, the sound of the foot steps appear to come closer and louder, that room turned into a virtual refrigerator as it turned out to be too cold, and suddenly little Daniel cried on top of his throat, his family panicked, there was no power and they did not know why little Daniel is crying like that, and suddenly the power came and much to everyone's horror, they saw Daniel's wrapped towel thrown few meters away and there was deep scratch marks on little Daniel's back, and blood was dripping out of it.

Simon and Nancy decided that enough is enough and they all decided to move out of that house, in that middle of the night, that family gathered themselves and they picked up the essentials and decided to check into a nearby hotel. They were hurrying themselves and when they were about to leave, all the lights in their house flickered like mad and all the doors, windows slammed hard as if some force is closing and opening it, that horror scene made them speechless and they ran out of that haunted house. They all breathed only after reaching the hotel.

They continued to stay in that hotel for that whole week and finally Mark and Jason decided to come back to their house, but this time with a gang of catholic priests and few demonologists. The moment those catholic priests entered the house they sensed that they are walking into a virtual hell, they smelt blood and death in that house, they sensed evil lurking in every corner of that house. The demonologist picked up some violent sprits in his vibrations and they were all pure evil. They all decided to exorcise the house and started saying prayers.

The house was at its violent best when this ritual was happening the books from the shelves were thrown out of it, the beds and wardrobes were shaken violently, but those catholic priests were determined to complete their ritual, within few hours the house remained to be at its calm, Mark called up Simon and other to the house, and they all entered reluctantly, but Nancy could feel that the heaviness in house is no more and there was a good energy everywhere. The family was so thankful to the priests but at the same time they do not want to continue anymore in that house. They put up a "Up for Sale" board and then left that place forever.

They moved to a much busy area where there is not much of green, but they were happy with that. The house was small but the previous experience with a bigger house made them to be satisfied with this small house, they all were more determined to fight against odd's of life. They slowly picked up themselves and decided to move on in their lives, until this night came, Tracy and Mark where playing cards, Simon and Nancy were reading books, Jason and Shilcy were playing xBox games, and all of a sudden little Daniel who was fast asleep an hour back, screamed on top of his little throat, Tracy went upstairs to rock the little one, and within minutes she screamed out of sheer fear, the entire family rushed to her room, just to witness a deeply scratched back of Daniel ....

NB: If a house is haunted by a dark entity, precisely called as a Demon, it just follows you and never leaves you. !!!HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


  1. yenna machi idhu.."A haunting" episode aa??

    NB: If a house is haunted by a dark entity, precisely called as a Demon, it just follows you and never leaves you. !!!HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

    -- idhu unakae konjam overaa illa???


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