I wish I could have died today ...

I wish I could have died today, seeing this one innings from GOD Sachin Tendulkar is enough to be proud of my life time and it has given every meaning for my birth. What we all witnessed in Gwalior today, is nothing but the demonstration of what will happen if GOD decides to go on a rampage. I should admit and be proud to say that, till date, I have not missed even one single century stroke of God Sachin, let it be one day or test matches. Today's innings of GOD Sachin would have proved all his haters (who to me are not human beings) and critics (who to me are stupid’s who does not have brains the size of their balls) that they are wrong and if they still continue to hate GOD Sachin, they are not eligible to say they are INDIANs.

I was at office doing a sickening work and honestly what I was doing is checking the scores on the internet and the way GOD Sachin started the innings, something flashed in my mind that GOD is up for some massacre and he may hit his 46th one day ton (Folks, it’s not a joke). I was in complete prayers to real GOD to help his counterpart on earth to hit is 46th ton, moment he hit that ton, there came a big whistle from Satish and the entire office went quite and then a huge round of applause (not for me though). I just cud not sit at work, and hence I decide to come home, I reached home as early as 4:30 PM and GOD Sachin was batting at 134, and from that run onwards what is saw was some simple, fantastic, jaw-dropping batting performance by GOD Sachin. The four which he hit of Kallis by walking towards the off and flicking it on to the leg, literally brought tears in me as that shot can be played only by a genius.

GOD Sachin was scoring at a brisk rate and when the second batting power play was taken, Yusuf Pathan and GOD Sachin went on a rampage and there goes the morale of the South African bowlers for a toss, Parnell, Kallis, Langeveldt were not shown any respect. GOD Sachin was toying Parnell like how he will hit my bowling. GOD Sachin was at 175 and every INDIAN heart thronged to surpass the highest one-day score 194 and if GOD achieves that, we can be rest assured that 200 is going to be a cake walk. Pathan dismissal brought Dhoni on to the crease and Dhoni was even more ruthless than GOD Sachin, he was hitting the ball so hard that no fielder wanted to test their fielding skills. Dhoni took the responsibility of making the scorecard ticking and GOD Sachin joined him with few beautiful 4s and 1 sexy 6. When Sachin scored a double to go to 195, the entire nation erupted as we dethroned the 13 yrs old Saeed Anwar from that throne and GOD Sachin took over that seat.

Dhoni then increased the BP of the entire nation by blasting four 6s and seven 4s, because the entire nation is not ready to see INDIA score more than 400, all we want is just 1 run to make GOD Sachin cross the 200 mark. The tension mounted when Dhoni blasted the first 3 balls of the last over for boundaries and the 4th ball was also a boundary and thanks for that splendid save from Hashim Amla who restricted to just 1 run and GOD Sachin was at the crease to create one more record and re-write history, that wide outside the off stump delivery was deliberately placed towards the silly point and GOD Sachin ran that 200th run and there I go into complete tears, whistled hard, danced, jumped, bowed, knelt down, screamed and yes, it was an emotional cocktail and it is all worth it for my role model of life GOD Sir Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. When Sachin waved his bat up in the air, and seeking his dad's blessings, I am sure the entire nation would have been moved into tears as it did for me.

This piece of writing by Saurabh Somani on Crickbuzz about Sachin would remain the best write-up I have ever read in my life time. I initially copy pasted this from an email forward, but today, I would want to give credit to Saurab Somani for his excellent masterpiece. You can read the full post here

"Batman puts on a cape, Spiderman wears a costume, Superman sheds his normal clothes to reveal his true self - Sachin Tendulkar needs only to pick up a bat in hand to be a superhero. This is not an attempt to dissect the man statistically. It is not an attempt to provide expert views on his cricket. It is not an attempt to add to the paeans being sung about him as the cricketing world celebrates twenty years of excellence. This is simply an intensely personal view by a fan of a man who remained a hero from boyhood to adolescence and beyond. How many great moment that genius has given this nation of greedy fans? Through proxy-wars and floods, through terrorist attacks and droughts, through living under corrupt politicians and battling for survival at work or school - through it all, it was one man that brought us hope. He is the man who needed only to wield a bat to unite the most diverse country in the world, a hero who did not need a script, arc-lights and endless retakes to have the audience gasping in awe, but played out his dramas in real-time."

GOD Sachin once again proved that age does not matter for this game. Being played Cricket for a fair bit of period in my life, I would say that Cricket is a game which is easy to talk, more easy to comment on one's performance, but when you go there and stand in the pitch with your bat or ball on your hand, it’s certainly a different game altogether. The kind of shots GOD Sachin played today was something out of the world, what a terrific command over his technique and what confidence that genius has in his skills, he showed no signs of fear, and it was a wonderful demonstration of sheer skill and concentration. We all are blessed to have born in an era when GOD Sachin played cricket and I can't stop admiring that little master and he is a true gentlemen of that sport and a great human being. May GOD, bless GOD Sachin and give him a longer life span. We LOVE YOU GOD SACHIN, WE LOVE YOU.


  1. I can imagine what it would be been..people were watching the match on and off at the cafeteria,keeping updating themselves with scores while at work..and a colleague showed us a video of the celebration at the cafe!!

    Hm..some celebrations around.. and u too seem to be in a super excited state!!

  2. Thanks!!

    Will definitely get the highlights :)

    Ennoda first "moving moment" from thalai...after his dad's funeral when Ind lost to Zim, the next match against kenya. Thalai reached his 100, I was following the game in a browsing center on cricinfo commentary, it said.."gets his 100, looks at the sky and wipes his tears".

    Indha pic

  3. I am at home and my dad simply adoresssssssss Sachin.. u just start the topic and he can go on and on talking about this match and that and what he did then and there.. i was on with some stupid code and dad screaaamed Cherrie cmon history is gonna be made - it was before he crossed the 194 mark. And there i was simplyyy glued to the master. My dad clapped and clapped till his hands went red! And i was in awe of this little master. I think he was the one who ignited the interest in cricket in me. When he used to get out i used to stop seeing the match. Truly as u said, he unites the nation and cheers zillions without arc lights and a script. He is a true hero and a truer gentleman. Serli may God shower all his choicest blessings on this dear little master.

  4. This boy-man is so so so humble and his foot stuck to the ground even till this moment... thats more more more special than all those 100, 200, and thousands of runs...

    In front of GOD u go speechless, it's the same with Sachin...

    SACHIN ppl say u deserve Bharat ratna, i am not sure current day Bharat ratna deserves you...

    But u r the purest of pure jewel (ratna) of Bharat (yes India).

  5. Sorry ithukku enna comment kudukkarthunne theriyala, naan ethuvum thathu pithunnu olarakkodaathu illa athaan. I watch POGO POGO POGO AND POGO ONLY
    Cricket - divorced 6 yrs earlier.

  6. Would have loved to watch this LIVE! But missed it as I had taken my mom to the doc !
    Sachin is still down to earth and the same person and that's what makes him very special

  7. What an innings at the age of 36!!!!! Amazing.. If you compare Sachin's 200 with Anwar's 194...
    Anwar was having a runner after 100 runs.. he didn't field in the second innnings.. Sachin- never opted for a runner except one innings in ODI so far and he fielded for some time..Amazing stamina isn't it..?.. The way he celebrated his 200, No anger.. No runover in the ground.. Just he thanked the GOD.. Truly a GREAT person in the world.. Got this statement from one of my friend-GOD wanted to play CRICKET-- That's why SACHIN was BORN..which is 100% true..

  8. I notice you have copy-pasted large parts of my article on Sachin Tendulkar that first appeared on CricBuzz on 15th November 2009. If you'd asked me first and then done it, it would have been nice.


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