A Different Tag

Here is a very different tag, tagged by Shylu and it is a very different one. I enjoyed writing this and thanks to her for tagging me.

1. A write-up on a kind gesture that someone had done for you which left you speechless

I was working with a colleague in Oracle, he must be 40 years and plus. He had a pretty trouble family life, his wife had breast cancer, his first daughter is autistic by birth and her second kid (son) is blind. He worked with me in the same team and most of the days when he cannot come to work or do work from home, I used to do his task as well and will update him. He was sitting 3 cubicles away from where I sit, and whenever there is a "comedy show" performed by me, there will be a big crowd near my seat. I used to mimic all the managers and make some serious fun, and whenever there is a huge laughter in my cubicle, my manager himself know that I am making fun of him and most of the times he too wud join the party. So when I decided to quit Oracle, and on the last day of my service, I got an email from this colleague and I still treasure that email as the biggest compliment. He said that the hours he spent with me in office made him to forget all his personal worries and he shares all of my jokes with his family and his entire family will laugh on that. He said he can never forget me and the kind of happiness I have brought in his life. I was moved to tears when I read that and I still treasure that moment as the "speechless" moment.

2. Indebted to someone lifelong...who??

Who else it can be other than my DAD? When my mom passed away when I was 11 yrs old and he was just 42, he was asked to remarry to take care of me, but he strongly refused that and decided to give his entire life for me and there is one another person who I have to add to this list is my aunt who decided not to get married, just to take care of me, with the help of those selfless people, Satish is what he is today. I am always Indebted to these two folks for my life time and I thank GOD now, as he has given me the strength and money to take care of them in every possible way. I am happy that I am keeping them so happy now and making them enjoy their old age.

3. Want to say "sorry" to someone...who???

I don’t think so. I never created a situation where I have put someone in a spot and made them feel bad, so I don’t have anyone to say "sorry". I was always polite and kind to others :) (ok ok ... stop trumpeting)

4. Want to say "thank you" to someone...who??

Oh my GOD, "someone" is too short. I have a big list if I decide to say thank you. I always feel that I am a GOD blessed child; I have been given everything in this life by GOD, more than what I actually deserve. I have to thank GOD for this life, my family for their constant support and my FRIENDS for their un-conditional love, what really moves me is, there are so many unseen friends in my buddy list, who shower love and affection on me, if I am not well, they will be more worried than my family. What else I can ask in this life?? I am one of the luckiest souls in this world to have such wonderful friends. I owe them a zillion.

5. And what’s your most cherished possession till date??

A small "We are Friends Forever" cup given by my friend, though the gift may be small, but the kind of love and affection she has on me is next to none. She is a friend who cares for me more than a mom. I cannot miss her forever in my life.

6. A special moment in life which brings along a smile every time you think of it

The time where one of my skits in my office went for a super dooper hit and It made the entire 1000+ audience ROTFL and the success of that skit was, I heard there were gangs in cafeteria that recollected some of the dialogues and were laughing like mad. The entire office gave us a standing ovation for that and my buddy Chan was the hero in that skit :)

I now want - Sandy, Chennaigirl to pick this up and tag.


  1. Was speechless too and had tears for the first one

    Cried even more for the second one

    A smile for the fourth

    And a wider grin for the last one ..u have any pics of the skit???

    Loved the way you wrote..thanks for filling in :-)

  2. Wonderful...it's amazing to know what all can be accomplished when we decide to forget our pain and step in the shoes of others.

  3. I dont know, more than ur dad iam impressed with ur athai..
    Seri where is the award, only tag thaaanaaa...

  4. A very very nicely done tag.. You did spread so much cheer in the life of your ex colleague.. God bless u Satish for that.. And i hope and pray he is doing better now.
    And you are really charmed to have a dad and an aunt like you got. Really selfless individuals. Hope you give them the best of times.....

    Very warm and touching post Satish.. one of my favorites..

  5. @Sats,
    Gud one mate...These are just a few things abt yu....u r much better mate!! Thx 2 God for giving me such a nice friend.

    My salutes to ur dad and more so to ur Athai...not to forget patti :-)

    Skit...well well....I just did wat the director wanted me to..the script demanded it..the story was the hero...
    hahahah indha scene podhuma ???? interview effect vanduchaa?

  6. @All - I Know I am blessed with so many wonderful souls around me and that is what is keeping me going. I wish GOD keeps me this way all the time.

    @Chan - Maams, velambaram konjam overaa thaan irukku, so adakki vaasikalaam. Seriously that skit was one memorable thing for both of us, the joy of making so many ppl laugh made the difference.

  7. nice collection of events!!! The first one was the best...my eyes went wet

  8. Sat, very very nicely done ! yr Athai is really great !

    You are a wonderful chap and May God always bless you and give you the strength to be the same always!

  9. Anonymous8:35 AM

    //I am happy that I am keeping them so happy now and making them enjoy their old age

    What really touched me was this. This is what one lives for, to keep everyone around happy. And you're such a gem of a person who did just that..!!!

    Nicely done tag :)


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