Statue for Peace ?

I would just term this latest stunt by two chief ministers of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu by opening the statue's of two notable poets of their respective states, nothing but a political gimmick. These two states were always been fighting against each other on the Cauvery water issue and opening of these statue's are not going to bridge any gap and I am sure the gap can never be filled. The people of both the states are always living at peace, there have been kannadigas living in Tamil nadu for ages and vice versa, these political buffoons created a rift and just to have their vote bank intact they divide the people of these two states and as usually the people who fall for their talks are the illiterates...

I am not a biased person, so please don’t read this post as one-sided, just because I support Tamil Nadu here. Let's recollect few facts which happened in this bloody state (Karnataka) after me moving into this city in 2005. This state would always love to torture and give nightmares to Tamil people, again I am not saying anything against the normal people who live here just like you and I, and I am talking about the politicians and some government officials who would make sure that a tamilian's life is hell. Simple example is this, and GOD only knows why such a haltered against a particular language speaking community. When the veteran actor Rajkumar was kidnapped by bandit Veerappan, every tamilian in the street was targeted and I was one of the victims, though I escaped with no injuries, but that incident shook me so badly and forced me to go back to Chennai. What the hell tamil people can do ? Did we ask Veerappan to kidnap Rajkumar ? One thing which I have noticed among the people of Karnataka is, they all can be easily brainwashed and molded in the way political parties want them to be. They just don't apply their mind most of the time.

Second incident is, when Rajkumar died out of natural cause, tamilians were searched and then beaten, the extent was so bad that my office sent an email to all its "tamil" speaking employees and asked us not to talk in tamil. WTF ? Am I a foreigner in INDIA ? They even asked to remove all the car / bike's number plates which had this TN-XX-XXXX registration. Never in the history of Tamil Nadu those people harmed any kannadigas, there people can take their KA-XX-XXXX registration vehicles wherever they wanted to and when a famous personality like MGR died (who is much much bigger than Rajkumar by all virtue) we never targeted kannadigas, the reason is Tamil Nadu people are sensible. We don't have a stupid gang like what they call here in Karnataka as "Kannda Rakshana Vedike", and never ever there would be such an organization would be allowed to develop in Tamil Nadu. They are seriously a bunch of jokers and they all have to be put behind bars as they destruct the harmony and peace of the country.

I was once pulled over by a cop when I was riding pillion in his bike, have you ever heard a traffic police man catching you and asking you "Do you know kannada ?" instead of "Do you have license ?", and he went to an extent that "We tamilians would want to enjoy the weather of bangalore, but will not learn kannada", man I am this country's citizen and I have all rights to choose which language I wanted to speak. I spoke to my other friends who were living in AP & Kerala they said, they never face such discrimination in those states. This state is growing like a graveyard, I would say that this is becoming the "Bihar" of the south. Political parties along with some sensible public should do something to save the remains of this city / state. This city / state is nothing more than a graveyard, if IT companies decides to pull out, so let these folks have this reality in mind and not force the 60% of the working population who are outsiders to run away from this state and invite doom. Language is just a medium of communication, it cannot be used as a weapon to torture other state folks. First let the government bring in the practice of writing the common road signs / bus boards in English / Kannada, in Bangalore 70% of the busses would just have Kannada for both numbers and place.

I still wish I would want to go back to Chennai very soon, it may be a city with an average temperature of 40 degrees, but the warmth that I would feel there is missing in this city. Let me not be an arm-chair cribber and then try finding fault on this place, if I don’t like it, I have to move on, I know that very well. So, opening of statues of two poets will not do anything to bridge the gap between these two states IMHO.


  1. ahh.ahhh..ahhaa Arasiyal-la idhellaaam sagajam paaa (read it in koundamani style)

  2. i know... then i was in Bangalore university for a camp... we were so terrified to talk to even other students there... though there were extremists we had some nice students among us who helped me and my other tamil friends...

    i can still remember being in Lalbagh and intervened by a gang of unruly guys asking something stupid and hurting Tamilians.. me being the only person who could speak Kannada,it was a total nightmare... those guys asked as to salute a Kannada goddesses statue... Atleast we were not so prejudiced and we saluted her without much ado... and saved ourselves...

    i still shudder :(

  3. Such posts hurt me...
    Its pathetic to hear about a tamilian being harassed because he does nt speak kannada
    and at the same time a tamilian taking offense at the simple question of being asked does he know kannada.. It could have been asked in the same vein as million+1 ppl ask me daily "do you know tamil" its not an offensive question - its to ascertain which language they should talk to me in rather than an order that i should learn their language...and even if its an order, i give a smile and mentally say - "try learning my language dudette and then we can talk"

    5 yrs i have stayed out of my home state and in various parts of the country.
    Taken - there is nothing like my home state. But each state has a thousand + and a thousand -. Seeing the +ve and ignoring the -ve a bit might help - hate never cures hate. Rather it makes the opposite feel more aggressive.

    This comments might not be in line with your thoughts Satish. But thats my 2 pints.

  4. @Amrita - I dont mind when someone asking me if I know kannada or not, but there is no need for a traffic police to ask me that ? And police stations in bangalore make sure they harrass a tamilian, even though they know that I dont know kannada. I have nightmarish experiences when I went with my friend to file a police complaint abt a lost laptop. I have not lived in any other states except these two, and I can trumpet on the roof and say that this state people are heartless beasts. I HATE LIVING HERE :(

    Well, no offence meant on your comments though, you were frank and so did I :)


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