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2015 ... A Review

I know I have almost abandoned my blog these days, but every year end I return here to rewind my life and kind of record the events of that year. I always make good effort to write more blogs and rekindle my story writing skills, but in the end, I don't make time to sit and write, as simple as that.

Professional ....
Year 2015 was a very good year for me, both professionally and personally. Doing varied roles and still sticking on to the technical ladder is something I consider as a boon, I still feel that I have many more years of technical work left in me and I am in no hurry to change to the managerial ladder anytime soon, for all I can guess, I may not even be on that ladder in my career. The kind of technical stuffs that I get to do in my company may not be the cutting edge but I have the scope and opportunity to do whatever I want, that assurance I have here.

Next to Chennai, I have made Copenhagen, Denmark as my second home in the recent past, like Chennai, here as well the people are extremely kind-hearted, cordial, polite and warm, the best thing I like about Danish folks are, they are so easy to be approached, if you are walking on the road and if you see a Danish guy, immediately he gives you that warm smile, people are ready and willing to help you in every possible way, there is happiness everywhere and no wonder this country is the most happiest nation in the world.

Social ....

I still make conscious efforts to help our 4 legged friends, apart from owning many cats as my pets, my heart always goes for the furry friends who are homeless. One of my long term plans is to start a shelter for them and try to help them in every possible way, in Chennai, there is no dearth for love and affection for these furry friends, but unfortunately we don't have a setup where people can come forward to help them, so if there would be a concept like what we see in the western countries, more furry friends could be saved. This is a very serious thought that I have and I will take all the efforts to make this a reality. 

I was deeply moved by the way Chennaites reacted during the recent floods, our actions only proved the world that, humanity and love stands tall than caste, religion or politics. The way many volunteers worked with me, made me feel that money is just a paper and there is nothing we can do with that, when you don't have support. The heartfelt thanks and blessings that we got from many rescued families, is what will count when I die, not my bank balance. I made new friends, now my circle is big. The way SPCA and Blue Cross responded to "crisis" calls, was just amazing, for a moment I thought I was abroad, hats-off to them and their volunteers, they way they rescued a mommy cow and her new born was a "goosebumps" moment.

Political ....

As usually this year too was a biggest joke in the political cycle, all the credit AMMA had saved, has been washed away in this floods, the incident where her party workers pasted her "sticker" on the relief materials supplied by other third-party folks, created a huge upset and threatens her comeback to power in 2016, I will not vote for her, at least in Chennai she may not win a lot of seats.

Out of all the major issues we have, this good for nothing "Beep" song gathered too much of storm which it does not deserve, this incident once again proved that we are emotional idiots. Release of the juvenile in "Nirbhaya" gang-rape is another shocker. Indrani Mukerjea case was a perfect "bollywood" plot, I am sure there will soon be a hindi movie on that.

NaMo continues to impress me, though his efforts are yet to reap huge benefits, I am happy that he is sowing all the right seeds for India to grow faster, while we were tolerant on this useless Congress for 10+ years, we should show the same patience on NaMo's government and allow him to function. He is not traveling abroad to go to boose bars or casinos, he is going to develop our country's relationship with other nations.

Personal ...

By GOD's grace 2015 did not see any major health issues to my near and dear ones, it started like any other normal year for me, but the ending was just simply fantastic. It is quite true that you will not know how to react when something that you were expecting for a long time, happens when you expect it the least, my prayers continue and I will have to be tight-lipped here :). I felt that I drifted away a bit in not maintaining enough contacts with my long time friends and that complaint was well received and I promise that in 2016, I will be more interactive, and it will not just stop with FB posts or WhatsApp messages.

I am eagerly looking forward for a stunning 2016, personally this year is going to be the year to remember (I hope) and professionally I would continue to thrive doing more quality work and learn new things to grow. 

I wish all of my family, friends and colleagues a very HAPPY AND A PROSPEROUS 2016.


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