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2013 - A Recap

First apologies for a prolonged absence, and yes, I have to admit that I have not been regular in my blogging or following my fellow bloggers, don't want to pass on the blame on the other dynamics of life, but to have it on me and my laziness. I always wanted to write more and then keep my writing skills intact, but it is just that I am not prioritizing things properly in my life and giving most of the importance to my professional career. I wish I could blog more and then write more in this New Year, so let me see if that is going to be possible.

2013 was a great year both professionally and personally. First let me talk about my professional career, it was just fantabulous. I never had any regrets in leaving my old company as my only motto is to come back to my sweet hometown Chennai and set my base, but GOD has given me more than what I asked for, this new company (now 28 months old) gave me all the right chances to shine and learn. I was made the lead for the Shared Services team and handling all the critical modules of an s/w development arm - Infrastructure, Release Engineering and Performance Engineering, thankfully I was successful in handling all these roles with the help of some stunning team members.
The kind of learning I had on our product and its architecture was enormous this year and I now have the confidence to handle most of the performance issues reported by the client, and the biggest leap this year was, I had the great visibility among this 323 member team and I am glad that they pick my name when they have to discuss any complicated technical topic, I was approached for all the performance as well as technical issues and happy to see that folks look at me as a person who can help them solve the technical issues. The kind of learning I had this year is simple mind-blowing, I want to continue this in 2014 as well.
Got my work permit to work in the EU, and sooner or later I would have to spend some time in Denmark to help out with one of our major clients on their Performance testing. Also a packed travel schedule is in front of me in 2014 where I will have to travel to few countries and get our product installed. It is going to be a fascinating 2014 professionally and there is absolutely no doubt on that. I could not have been so successful without my superb team - Nayagam, Sethu, Nagaraj, Ashwin, Divya, Lakshmi, Raghav, Shrini, Neha you guys were simply wonderful and glad to be a part of your team.
On personal front, life was as happy as ever, made some real good friends this year and once again happy to be a recognized stand-up comedian in my office, if for one thing almost everyone concurs about me is my ability to make the situation light, it's pure GOD's gift and I don’t have anything to do there, glad that I am able to make folks laugh and end of the day keep them happy. Family wise by GOD's grace all did well health wise and I am so happy about it. May be this year, I will announce another good news to all my friends by starting a family on my own, so wish me luck ;-). I had 2 new entrants in my pet family and they were my two adorable cats, I love them to the core and wish to have many happy moments with them. One of the kitty is carrying and soon a bunch a new kittens would be home.
I couldn’t have asked for a better 2013 and I thank GOD for making all the joyous occasion possible. Wishing all my readers a very happy and a prosperous 2014. Be kind, be humble, happiness and peace would automatically follow.


  1. dear Satish
    I would say i was starving all these days without reading your posts, i misplaced your contact number, 2, 3 times i came to mylapore looking for you, but no use. Glad to know that you have become the Vidhur of your company and having a good backup peers and doing fine at your workplace, may God give you more responsibilities and the strength and wisdom to handle them smoothly.
    Secondly best of luck and advance congrats for setting up Satish and co .,
    God bless you and your family.:-)

    In another a day, yet an another new year to start as 2014.

    January 1st is the start of new year for any bread winner, blessed with increments, promotions etc etc. Hence this near year day is celebrated across the globe irrespective of their religious faith.

    I wish you and your family is blessed with excellent health, peacefulness and prosperity.
    In the New Year, U may get:
    N- New
    W- Workin
    E-Efforts for
    Wish U a very eventful New Year!

  2. Congrats Satish. And Wish you all the BEST

  3. Congrats Satish. And Wish you all the BEST


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