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Dandi March by NRI's in US ...

I apologize to my readers for using violent terms in this post, but as everyone knows blog is to only vent your anger in a better way and that too to a wider audience. So what triggered this useless INDIAN is, a bunch of dollar earning idiots who just have a birth certificate to prove that they are from INDIAN origin, who ran out of this country saying INDIA is no good, who cribs and compares every issues of INDIA with the US, who have not thought of doing any good to their motherland have decided to go for a “Dandi March” in the fucking US land and for what?? To fight against corruption in INDIA, What the FUCK, this to me sounds like, you doing a surgery in your leg for a heart problem.

With no offence meant on the NRI’s, I would like to say, they better mind their own job of running behind the dollars and keep escaping from problems, they have NO RIGHT on our country, they are not tax payers, they do not have rights to vote, why then worrying so much about INDIA? We are a unit of BILLION and we can handle it better than you folks, we don’t need your sympathy or support. If you are truly concerned about INDIA, please do leave your million dollar JOB and come here and join hands with us, for heaven sake do not fake yourself for such cheap publicity by going on a “Dandi March” in a foreign land, which has no clue about the issues INDIA is having other than corruption.

If you NRI’s want to get attention, why can’t you do something like this, by pointing out the corruption in the US government? Don’t bull shit me saying US is a corruption free country, I too have lived there for a reasonable amount of time, what stops you educated geniuses in doing that? I know the reason, you are all mere slaves in that country who works for a white skin and at the mercy of that white skin, you don’t have spine to do something like that, if you all dare to do, you all will be kicked out of that country. So the point here is, you are not doing any good for the country you were born, nor the country where you are living and earning money, so try to make a presence at least in one place. You guys are known for “arm-chair-cribbing”, anyone can do that. You are more like dogs, if I have to explain this in your language – If you pelt a stone at a dog in 1st Boulevard, it runs to the 4th Boulevard and then barks, that is how I would define this “Dandi March” of yours.

Dandi March organized by Mahatma Gandhi Ji is for a very different purpose, it is done for the fact that the British raised the tax on salt, and salt being an essential commodity, Gandhi Ji decide to protest against that and initiated this march, it is otherwise known as “Salt Sathyagraha”. I know how you walking potatoes will do this “Dandi March”, you farting ass holes will carry litres and litres of beer, wine and other alcoholic beverages, loads and loads of Pizza and Cheese, barrels and barrels of coke, you will stay in luxury condominiums, or may be your INDIAN mind would kick in and you may as well settle with a cheap “Extended Stay America”, and fuck you all would gain publicity out of that. You all doing a Dandi March in the US to fight against corruption in INDIA is freaking bull shit of first degree.

Now you better relax and watch a game of “American Football” with a bag of lays potato chips and a can of beer. Indians living in INDIA are much smarter than you all, we all know how to live in challenging places like INDIA and still make things happen; we are not like you “knee-jerk” geeks who scurry to call “911” even if your fucking kitchen’s fire alarm goes off.

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  1. Good Job NRI PATRIOTS. Keep it up the Dandi March. Like Freedom Fighters, RTI Activities and Alert Media in India doing the same awareness and expose the Corrupts. SC must take note of this and warn the Corrupt Politicians not to Cover-up and Misguide the country, as their Spokes Persons pops up on TV Debates like Mushroom Tops with their sugar coated lies to Fool Citizens. Now we need some more voice of Sardar Patel, Bhagat Singh, Subhash Chandra Bose, Chandrasekhar Azaad, Lokmanya Tilak etc...for Looters of India, has done all against Mahatma Gandhi's Principle.

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