A Logical Beginning...

Start of a logical new beginning, also it’s time to renew the ethics of life in the name of resolutions, here we welcome a brand new year. Everyone resets the past and vouch for change and finally continues to do what they were doing, yeah, we are mere humans. I just took one resolution a decade back on a New Year day, and I am proud that I still stick on to that resolution, that is nothing but "Never take any resolutions on new year day"

I wanted to be more active on my blog this year and would want to write more humorous columns, instead of writing boring posts like this. I have a dream and I know I have to work hard to achieve that dream, but my problem is, I am so attached and fascinated about my dream and hence I sleep a lot, no I am not sleep deprived in any sense, my wife knows that better, I am a person who goes to sleep in a jiffy moment I lay my body at 180 degrees. I don’t chew anything in my mind when I go off to sleep, because I feel, I would be doing injustice to my body if I don’t give him proper rest.

Off late I have become more responsible about life, not that it happened just because I got married, marriage is just a part of this journey called life where you simply pick up a partner to crime, that's it. I do take things seriously, I give attention to details which really needs attention, I put myself in other shoes before speaking a word, I have practiced "Not to Blame", I make sure that I am accountable, I have minimized telling cheap lies, I have started to say NO, I appreciate a lot, yes I could hear you all loud and clear - "All these are qualities you automatically acquire when you are 34 ".

Once a very close friend of mine asked me, what is that one thing you would want to do if GOD tells you that you will be dying in another 10 minutes, of course this sounds like a freaking stupid question, but I injected some artificial intelligence to it and then gave him this answer "I would request him to wipe off all my memory so that I don't die with any hatred or vengeance on anyone in this world, then I will spend 2 mins of time with my dad who gave me this life, 2 minutes with my granny who I love the most, 2 minutes with my wife who was courageous enough to marry me and 2 minutes to talk to 4 of my best buddies and 1 minute to myself to digest the fact that I am gonna die, and 1 minute to argue with GOD and see if he can change his mind", yes, after all I am human.

We don't appreciate anything in life till we miss it, we always take everything for granted, but when reality slaps us hard on our face, that's when we scurry ourselves to do everything possible in not losing those things we once assumed to be there for us always, this is applicable to people, relationships, pets, and every movable and immovable things of life. We are have a purpose for our birth and let's tell this at least 10 times a day, every life on this planet is meant to be there for some purpose, there is nothing called "waste" in life, it is just that "we have not used it". Let's give a meaning to life, not only this year, but for the years to come, till we kiss the doom.

I know I have bored my readers beyond explanation, but I assure you all that, this year is gonna be a year full of fun where I am gonna pen truckloads of humorous posts and I will stick to my words here, of course, this is not a resolution though. Please keep visiting my blog and please please please do post your comments, at least tell me "Bloody, stop posting, or else I will kill you ..."


  1. Happy New Year!!

  2. hehehe nice to see you in full gusto and yea marriage seems to have made u verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry mature!! or is it just the age ;)


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