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I am deeply hurt and angered by this recent attack on the CRPF jawans by the Maoists. I just cannot digest those heart wrenching facts which are getting leaked in the media and it is a shame that our INDIAN government is treating those jawans worse than dogs. I seriously don't know where my tax money is going if it is not being used for the welfare of jawans who guard our boundaries, the kind of sacrifices and hardships they undergo for making us feel secured and safe is beyond words for us to even explain. I am fed-up, I am frustrated, I am irritated also I feel helpless that I being a citizen cannot do anything to stop all these mess, our entire constitution is so bloody corrupt, all fucking politicians are corrupt, all fucking government servants are corrupt, no fucker is caring for the nation or to service the public and adding more salt to the wound, our countries top men the jawans were ill treated, what as a powerful voter you and I can do to stop this?? How long we all are going to bend to such corrupt constitution and allow them to hump on us as long as theiy want?? I am clueless, and all I can do here is, bark like a wounded dog on top of my throat, I know it is of no use to anyone, but at least I get the satisfaction that I have taken the anger out of my system ...

The recent incident of 75 jawans being massacred by Maoists during dawn proved and exposed how vulnerable those soldiers were and how badly they all were equipped to protect our nation and us from those dreaded terrorists. The kind of weapons those anti elements had were no match to the kind of weapons our jawans had, we are still in the good old days of mechanical piston where every time before firing you need to cock the gun to fire the next bullet, but those Maoists had AK-47's and machine guns which can be operated at ease. What the hell this useless government is doing to equip our jawans with the latest arms and ammunitions? Is that not a mandate that every country should keep them upgraded with the latest in the area of defense? Where is our tax money being spent? Is there a way we can raise a RTI to know what budget is being allocated to our soldiers? How long we all are going to mourn such cruel deaths in our country? The kind of shelter that is being provided for those Jawans in Chattisgargh was next to a dungeon with absolutely no protection. When those Maoists attacked them during dawn our jawans were sitting like a dead duck and within hours all were mashed into a pool of blood and flesh.

One of the jawans who survived that massacre narrated the sequence of events and it was nothing less than spine chilling. The jawans were helpless, their radio signals were not picked up by the nearby cantonment as the officer in charge of that post was busy sleeping, the camp was a conditional camp for the jawans and they were already physically tired over the hectic two days of strenuous schedule and they were not carrying enough ammunitions with them, and the whole incident wouldn’t have happened without the help of an inside hand from the CRPF camp, the Maoists planned it very well and they struck at the right time when the jawans could not even retaliate. The lone survivor told TOI that, the Maoists after firing more than 60 rounds, came towards the bodies of all the dead jawans and kicked them hard on their hips and tummies to see if they are still alive, and if they sensed some movement in them, they fired bullets straight into their hearts from point blank range. This survivor and other 6 jawans pretended as if they were dead and survived this attack, though they have survived, they would be more like a vegetable for the rest of their lives and what our fucking government will do is, they will announce a meager 2 lakhs for their family and it will take close to 10 years for them to get that money, so till that time what that poor jawans family will do for survival?? Where will the go and stand?? Which door the kids of that jawans will go and knock for food??

We are all the so called elite layer of this community who are doing this "white-collared" job of sitting inside a AC room and doing just arm chair cribbing (like what I do here), unless otherwise we idiots break our shatters and be more selfless, we are not going to leave any impression in this society. I know everyone of us are selfish in one way or other (including me), we wanted to take care of our family, our friends, our near and dear ones, nothing wrong in it, but at the same time we all should be considerate enough to pay attention to the grievances of this society and our neighbors as well, attitude like "I-am-happy-as-long-as-my-house-is-not-on-fire" is not going to help in anyway improving our country. Already we are a divided nation, we have our own differentiation in every possible way, let’s not widen the gap any further and allow such anti-social elements to ruin our peace. We all should be sensible enough to choose the right person to rule this wonderful country, people like P Chidambaram are like cancer in this country, he has to be removed, anyone who does not have the guts or potential to protect all of us from these dreaded terrorists is not worth to sit in the chair of "Internal Affairs".

My heart goes for all those poor jawans who were the victim of some stupid strategy framed by one jerk of the "Internal Affairs Ministry", the way they have arranged those 75 bodies with blood stained bullet wounds really disturbed me a lot, if any of that jawan would have been my brother or uncle or friend how I would have felt? What will be the future of those jawans families? They would have lost their only earning member of their family; no one can replace that loss, what is the answer our government has for those families? I know it is always easy to ask questions but the problem with the so called educated people like us is we feel shy to ask a question in public, we always feel that it is not our problem; we always feel that we are not affected because of that. I am pissed off on myself, I feel ashamed that I cannot do anything to avoid such massacres happening in future in my country. But I have decided one thing, I am planning to file a RTI to inquire how my tax money is being spent on my jawans, I am going to do that for sure and see what answer I get. I am not paying peanuts as tax; I am paying a good solid 53K as tax every month, and better government answer to my RTI.

It is not always great to see such well decorated "plywood" (fuck, not even teak) coffins and velvet national flag being spread on our jawans, you fuckers of my country's governing body, hear me out, we do not want to decorate them when they are dead, we wanted to decorate them and keep them happy when they are alive. How will you answer to the non-stop crying of a jawans 3 year old kid who is being pestering his mom to see his father for the past 3 days?, How will you answer the tears of a blind mother who sat next to the body of her son and weaved her hands over his blood stained hair and bursted out in tears? How will you answer the newlywed girl who has been hugging her hubby's photo since she heard the news of her husband’s death? Money you guys are planning to give as ex-gratia cannot wipe those tears nor heal their wounds. In INDIA a value for life is decreasing day by day and every time we lose a life in such tragic incidents, we cry within ourselves as we do not even have the guts to cry out loud. Corruption in ARMY / DEFENCE going haywire, and we underlying citizens are not even bothered about that, let’s all raise our voices and start a campaign to let the ruling government know that we are not going to let them rape us anymore. Stand for injustice and fight against corruption. Jai Hind.


  1. totally shaken reading ur post on the jawans. I totally agree that its high time, the rest of india stopped and took note of whats happening around us.
    Its also painful and embarrassing that we normally read this kind of news and turn away like its not our business....
    maybe we need to start some kind of mass movement that the govt sits up and notices....
    its a real helpless feeling that is left inside me when i read ur blog!

  2. No words, Sat. Totally true , all that you have written !


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