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I am Back ...

At last I came back home and feeling very relieved. After two days of struggle, I have a kind of got over the jet lag and back to business. I am eagerly awaiting my vacation which actually starts today. I am off to Tirunelveli and from there I will be coming back all the way to Mayvaram and then to Chennai. This is my usual pilgrimage tour which I do every year with my dad, more than the satisfaction of going and seeking the blessings of GOD, I am more thrilled to see and enjoy the village life, I am always a big admirer of villages and village people, their lifestyle and their habits are always fascinating and I have learnt a lot from those innocent people, of course there are some germs there as well, but the majority of crowd are innocent...

I would take a small break from blogging when I am on tour and I will not get a chance to connect to the internet, moreover I am not going to take my laptop. Currently my life is moving into a different direction and I am subjected to take some major decisions in my life and as like every other individual in this planet, I am equally confused and as usually I am falling on the shoulders of my friends who are my constant source of energy. I am sure my readers would have guessed it rite on what I am talking about and hence I leave it there without giving any additional information. I have some serious plans to execute at office as well, I am planning to write a good system which would automate variety of things, and I am sure that is going to be a good learning exercise for me and also will get me a meaning for my designation "architect".

I may be irregular in my blogging this month and I will try if I can catch up with some interesting articles and stories after this short vacation. I have a small request for all my readers, it is nothing but, wishing me good luck and please include this stupid in your daily prayers, I am so blessed with a wonderful friend circle, where I have seen most of them, and lot of unseen friends as well, I may not have seen you guys in person, but I am sure you folks would be more than happy to wish me good luck and pray for my goodwill. I am telling you guys, life is getting busier and leaving me clueless and confused at times. I hope I get out of this phase very soon and come back to normal. Thanks a ton for all your support and encouragement and I am blessed to have you all as my single source of encouragement.

Till I get back to you folks with another post, just hang on and do not forget this fellow. I will be back to haunt you all with my mokka stories and of course fun!!!


  1. life too fast and needs to slow down?? its quite opposite here..anyways take all the luck you need..antha gramiya maname thaani saar..anyways pilgrimagela chamutha appa solratha ketu

  2. Hey! Sure thing will keep you in the prayers! and all the very best.. may you get the best companion for life... you are a good God fearing person, good things happen to good people.. so dont u worry.
    Spend some real quality time with your Pa. Take care buddy :)
    and it was a lovely post.. felt more like a personal letter

  3. Hey Sathish!! welcome back to India! Happy holidays n all the best for all ur decisions

  4. good luck! :-)

    'life is getting busier and leaving me clueless and confused at times.'
    not only for you :-) been the same to me and most of my friends as well!

  5. Wishing u good luck and the life's very best!!!


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