Murphy's Laws for IT ...

I am sure everyone knows what Murphy's laws are all about. I just thought of creating some laws of that kind which would suit this IT industry, the industry where this nut has spent 11+ years now. Here come few of my imaginations and I am sure you folks would enjoy reading this...

1. Your employer is never a pay master.
2. You always end up in a project where there is no onsite opportunity.
3. Project which has onsite opportunity is always in pipeline.
4. All beautiful looking girls will never be in your project.
5. Your company's caterer is always the worst in the market.
6. You always miss a bonus, just because you were new to that company.
7. Person at your next cubicle will never be a girl.
8. The girl you eye in your company, always has a boy friend there itself.
9. Your project manager will always be a "reserved" personality.
10. Always your onsite trip gets postponed just before a week you were about to travel.
11. There is always an error when you show a demo.
12. Always the printer will go "out of paper" when you fire a printout.
13. Always someone would have fired a 100 page document printout before your 1 page document.
14. Most of the times the coffee wending machine will not be ready when you go for coffee.
15. Your manager always calls you for a meeting when you are about to leave.
16. Always your vacation gets cancelled at the last moment.
17. There will always be some issue with the projector when you present something.
18. All the conference rooms will be booked when you want to setup a meeting.
19. There will be an email on Friday evenings which would prompt you to stay late.
20. You always go late to office when there is an important meeting to attend.
21. Your manager comes before you when you are late.

Please feel free to comment here if you have anything interesting to add to this list


  1. Aiyyyo Murphy Law maran'dhu pochae....I heard it somewhere, but forgot what it is? But the article was good and it is all true.

  2. Very true....the last thing happened to me yesterday... :-)

  3. LOL .. the 6th and the last ones r the best .. worst things to happen so as to say ;)
    Here from Jillu's blog


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