My Dear Tweedy ...

Rahul was so passionate about pets, anything with four legs are eligible to be his pet. He always wanted a small Labrador and was constantly reminding his mom about that and after a lot of discussion and promises from Rahul, his mom decided to get him a Labrador. They searched on the internet and at last they caught a vendor who supplied pure original quality Labrador breeds. The price was at around 6000 bucks for that and before paying the amount to the vendor, Rahul's dad reiterated the promise that he will be getting first rank this year. Rahul's dream came true and today he is a proud owner of a cute little cream Labrador...

The next thing that anybody would do once they get their pet is to name it, Rahul and his entire family did a brain storming session and at last he named him "Tweedy", Rahul took immense care of that pup and his parents were so proud that he is having the sense of responsibility which is very good as he grows up. He gets up early morning and then takes that pup in his palms for a daily walk, as days went on, Tweedy too grew up and she is now at the stage where all puppies will get naughty. Tweedy goes to Rahul's room and then bites most of his notebooks and pants and shirts, but Rahul does not mind much about that and will never punish Tweedy for that.

He showered all his love and affection on that dog and never wanted to miss him, but as a threat to that, his summer holidays got over and he has to go to school, Rahul did not have the mind to go to school daily in the morning, as he need to miss Tweedy at least for 8 hours in a day, but after a huge struggle, his mom convinced him and promised him that she will take care of his pup very well. Rahul used to rush from school to take care of his dog and no other thought would be in his mind other than that, so the problem of Rahul going to play somewhere after school got stopped for once and his mother was very much relieved. He used to complete his homework well in advance to spend more time with Tweedy, to him Tweedy is his world.

Fate always throws surprises at everyone, similarly it threw a big shock to Rahul one day, in the form of his loving Tweedy dying in a freak accident, his mom got so nervous and she feared of how Rahul will digest this shocking news, as Tweedy is his world. Rahul had exams that time, so he could not spend any time with his dog, as he was busy in preparing. That fateful day, when Rahul came in, his mom gathered all her strength and courage and told him in a husky voice, "Rahul, our Tweedy died today morning da", and she was expecting something very dramatic to happen, but in contrast Rahul said, "Ah, that’s sad, anyway it’s ok, don’t worry, we can manage". This reply was something which she does not expect from Rahul and immediately she called up Rahul's dad and told him that he took it so lightly.

Rahuls exams got over one Friday and he came home running in search of Tweedy, he asked his mom, "Mom where is tweedy mom ?", his mom got confused and she told him, "That day I told you naa, our Tweedy died and you also said ok, we can manage", on hearing that Rahul rolled on the floor and started crying like mad, and his mom was totally shocked to see such a behavior from Rahul after 4 days. She somehow stopped his crying and asked him, "Why are you crying today Rahul, when I told you the other day that Tweedy is dead, why did you not react like this ?"

Rahul wiped his tears and said in a rough voice, "I heard it as daddy"


  1. did u mean it as a funny post??? :S
    i did not know how to interpret it

  2. @Amirta - array yaar, I think you have missed the fun quotient. :(( well, tough to re-explain though :)


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