Bangalore to Chennai ...

I am not a poet in any forms of definition, but I know I have that capability in me ;-). This is my first ever poem in English, so kindly read it and let me know how you guys like it. This poem actually talks the mood of a bachelor who travels from Bangalore to Chennai every weekend.

Its one more travelling weekend
My entire soul is weakened
I would say it’s due to hectic work
And all I get is a peanut perk...

Friday evenings are traffic choked
Reaching home is always lurked
Packing things with a sense of joy
The mood is same for a girl or boy

On to the streets to catch an auto
And you ought to wait, if you need to
When it starts to rain white and grey
All you can do is stand and pray

Long wait always makes you angry
Then I realize I am hungry
Rushed to a near by sagar chain
Search for an idly went in vain

You may be techie with lots of flair
But auto wala's just don’t care
Head or tail you want go
To get an auto you have to bow

Reached station which is @ 10 kilometer
By paying the auto one and a half meter
Felt a sense of achievement and pride
As I got an auto ride

Searched for a "corner" with my ipod shuffle
Then I realized, it’s meant for couple
That struck me the fact that I am still single
Bud do I have the mind to mingle?

Got a place amidst of logs
Well accompanied by few stray dogs
They look at me as their boss
Who would flick some biscuits to toss?

Sinking in my own thoughts
Ear phones singing “Know my hearts”
What is so great about a software guy?
When your family is not nearby

Rain has now stopped to a drizzle
There comes my train with a loud whistle
The station name is Cantonment
I have to search my compartment

One more weekend travel on the cards
I too travel like train guards
Only difference is, I don’t flag
Frequency of travel is what we lag

Thinking with a mood of pain
It looks like there is no more rain
Slowly crawled to my upper berth
Hoping to give a meaning to my birth

Trying to sleep and closed my eyes
A chill wind, cuts me like an ice
Windows are shut and it’s warm and nice
There comes Chennai, as time flies...


  1. //The station name is Cantonment
    I have to search my compartment//

    முடியல :))

    டி.ஆர் ஆக மாறியதற்கு வாழ்த்துகள் :)


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