Is ORKUT a Messenger of Death ??

Once again our infamous ORKUT has hit the headlines, but this time with a far more ugly face. Sometime back there were arguments in the parliment to shutdown this social network website as it found lots of communities which were created to degrade the character of Mahatma Gandhi, but all that roar and fuzz lasted only for the time of opening a COKE can.
Day before yesterday a MUMBAI based youth has lost his life for the crush he had developed on an unseen (beautiful) girl by name "Angel" whom he met and got accquinted thru ORKUT (this is what people say "A known devil is better than an Unknown Angel" ah!!!). The so called "She" pestered him to come and meet her in person at one of Mumbai's posh restaurants, but death awaited for him in the form of 3 youngsters (gangsters) who strangulated him to death and dumped him in his own SKODA.
The youth who was named Adnan, got accquinted with this "Angel" and developed some kind of closeness towards her. He has disclosed all his family details, where is dad works, what's his business etc etc. I am not able to believe the fact that educated people are falling trap to such plots, who on this earth would disclose such personal details to an unknown person ? I would rather say that DEATH was not awaiting him, instead he has invited DEATH.
ORKUT is a social network which has been created by GOOGLE for a different business reason, and that has to be used with some amount of consiousness within ourselves. This is second such DEATH that has happened siting the usage of ORKUT as the main cause.
Lets all wake up and make sure that we are not spinning a web around us where it will be very difficult for us to come out.
Pasangalaa, ponnu pera ketaalae waterfall start panaadheenga, ungala nambi unga kudumba irruku nu manasula vechukitu, velai pannunga. Not all girls are angel's nor DEVIL's so have a cautious approach.


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